CNN’s Lemon: Trump ‘Exploiting People’s Fear and Anxiety’ Could ‘Cause a Civil War’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Tuesday on that President Donald Trump was “exploiting people’s fear and anxiety.”

He added that it could “cause a civil war.”

Anchor Chris Cuomo said, “What an epic battle of light versus dark this election has shaped up to be.”

He continued, “Trump isn’t even pretending to be about light, to be about better and union and unity and aspiration. He is straight up, if you elect the other guy, the blacks and the crazy white friends are coming for you where ever you are. That’s what the Democrats will allow, and Biden is with him.”

Lemon said, “Don’t say that out loud because you’re giving the game plan away. Fear sells.

Cuomo said, “We have never seen a president go to a place that is in the middle of this type of conflagration, I mean literally and start throwing gasoline on it.”

Lemon said, “Well, we have never seen anything like this. These are unusual times. Even covering it … I know the media needs to adjust themselves. If you watched last night, I said yesterday Joe Biden did a really big thing and gave the truth and talked about everything. This president gives a press conference and doesn’t tell the truth about anything, but what does the media leave with? The president is lying. So I said I’m not going to lead with the president lying. I’m going to lead with Joe Biden telling the truth, and we’ll get to the other story. Fear sells. People know that.”

Cuomo said, “Key to being a demagogue.”

Lemon said, “Fear sells. There’s nothing more motivating than fear. Just think about it. ‘Oh my gosh, I’m afraid I won’t be able to feed my family. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this. And afraid I’ll have a disease. I’m afraid of dying.’ Fear is a good motivating factor. This president knows it. But this is the dangerous thing. In exploiting people’s fear and anxiety, what he is doing is he’s possibly going to cause a civil war in this country. I don’t necessarily mean a violent one. That certainly can happen.”

He added, “Do a Google search on rioting in America. Look back from the beginning of time. We have dealt with riots in the country. We have dealt with unrest. Here’s the difference, we’re in a time where we have, as you say, a demagogue using it to hold on power, trying to extract pow power from the people and system so he can hold on to it. He doesn’t realize the danger. And quite frankly what he’s doing is un-American.”

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