Dem Rep. Rose: ‘All Too Often’ Democrats ‘Scoff’ at Quality of Life Issues as Not ‘Intellectually Elitist Enough’

During an interview with the Fox News Channel released on Monday, Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) stated that “all too often” Democrats “scoff at” quality of life issues because those issues aren’t “intellectually elitist” enough for them.

Rose said, “Democrats do this all too often. They scoff at things like quality of life. They say, oh, that’s not, you know, intellectually elitist enough for me. Let’s pick up the trash on time. Let’s clean the streets. Let’s raise teacher salaries. Let’s get our schools open, but only in a safe way. Let’s expand testing, not reduce it. Let’s attract businesses, attract the best and the brightest, not the opposite. But in order to do that, what this mayor has got to do, and what he and his administration have failed to do each step of the way, is actually give a damn. They don’t care if the trash gets picked up on time. Because social media doesn’t care if the trash gets picked up on time. They don’t care whether — about a crime unit or this or that. Because it’s not — you can’t put it into a hashtag.”

Rose also continued his criticism of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) by stating that he’s “ashamed that Bill de Blasio is a Democrat the way he’s acting.”

He said to de Blasio, “If you don’t want to be considered the worst mayor in the history of New York City, do your damn job. Stop playing politics.”

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