Behar: Trump’s Followers Are in a Herd Mentality — ‘Like Lemmings Going Over a Cliff’

Co-host Joy Behar said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” that President Donald Trump’s supports are in a “herd mentality” because they continue to follow him “like lemmings going over a cliff.”

Behar was referencing President Trump saying coronavirus would “disappear” with or without a vaccine because Americans would develop a “herd mentality,” Tuesday evening during an ABC News town hall.

When asked for her reaction to Trump’s performance, Behar said, “His lies come fast and furious. I have whiplash, but I want to give kudos to George Stephanopoulos because he did fact-check him on the BS about having the new health plan and how Obamacare doesn’t work, etc., whatever. So I think that’s a good standard for all the reporters to follow. Just fact check in realtime. Of course, he lies so much that it would be a 26-hour interview.”

She continued, “What interested me also was his use of the term herd mentality. Now, it’s really herd immunity that he meant to say, but it’s an interesting Freudian slip, isn’t it? It kind of describes the people that continue to follow him. They’re in a herd mentality kind of like lemmings going over a cliff.”

She added, “I might add that as Howard Stern said, he has nothing but contempt for this herd. He put it out there because he secretly thinks that they’re horrible people. That’s what I think. By the way, in the last 48 hours, this is what we learned from him, exploding trees cause wildfires, a mask mandate is a bad idea because waiters don’t like them, and he has a plan for health care. Which if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.”

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