FNC’s Levin Rips Dems for SCOTUS Battle — ‘They Hate the Constitution,’ Want to ‘Sabotage This Entire Process’

Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Fox News host Mark Levin ripped Democrats for attempting to prevent President Donald Trump from replacing recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Levin pointed to Democrats wanting to remove statues of the United States’ founders and said “they hate the Constitution.” He added that by holding up Trump, “Democrats want to sabotage this entire process.”

“It’s a very strange thing, this Democrat Party,” Levin stated. “First of all, they hate the Constitution because they’ve spent the last several months, pulling out statues of the founders and saying that the Constitution was adopted by slaveholders. Then they wave it around to justify the destruction of the Constitution.”

Levin quoted Ginsburg saying in 2016 that presidents in their final year have the constitutional right to have a Supreme Court justice confirmation vote in the Senate.

“What the Democrats want to do is sabotage this entire process,” he advised.

“We don’t take an oath to the Democrat Party,” Levin added. “We don’t take an oath to Chuck Schumer. We didn’t take an oath to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. God bless her. One of the most left-wing, political activist justices in American history, which is why the left is freaking out.”

The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host went on to say Democrats think “the whole country should stop” until Biden gets elected.

“According to the Democrats, the whole country should stop, the Supreme Court should stop, the president shouldn’t uphold the Constitution, the majority in the Senate shouldn’t uphold the Constitution because they hope Joe Biden will be elected president, that they’ll take the Senate,” he explained.

Levin shifted back to the Democratic Party’s attempts to take down the Constitution.

“What are they proposing? They want to eliminate the electoral college. That’s in the Constitution,” he emphasized. “They want to overwhelm the state voting systems with mail-in votes that they know will create all kinds of chaos on election night. They’re telling Biden never concede. Hillary Clinton, don’t concede under any circumstances. They want to end the Senate filibuster. They want to add four Democrats to the Senate from D.C. and Puerto Rico. The Democrat Party is the party of Antifa, the party of Black Lives Matter. You have Nancy Pelosi calling federal law enforcement storm troopers. You had Jim Clyburn talking about federal law enforcement as Gestapo. They were silent for three months while lawless riots were taking place. Now, they’re encouraging them. You have Democrat spokesman for former Clinton and Obama officials saying out there, ‘You do this, not only will this justice be illegitimate, but we’re going to take to the streets.’ So now, we have a mob, and the mob has a home, and it’s called the Democrat Party.”

“I’m going to tell you something,” Levin continued. “This mob, one way or another, will be crushed. If they’re not crushed at the voting booth, they will be crushed otherwise, because what they have in sight is not even Donald Trump. It’s our Constitution.”

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