GOP Sen. Kennedy to Senate Democrats: ‘We Don’t Need Another Freak Show — Let Us Focus on the Nominee’

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) urged his Democrat colleagues to allow for a “respectful process” for the confirmation of Supreme Court associate justice appointee Amy Coney Barrett.

Kennedy argued the process should proceed, given election “have consequences.”

“[To] Debbie [Stabenow] and my colleagues in the Senate,” he said. “I hope they let us have a respectful process. We don’t need another freak show. I mean, I hope they won’t get into the foothills of KiKi and bring back Michael Avenatti and all that other stuff. Let us focus on the nominee. Now to answer your question, I’m rather fond of the Constitution. I have read it. Its provisions about filling a Supreme Court vacancy are unaffected by the electoral calendar. I realize that on both sides, Brit, there’s been a lot of circumlocution and attempted Churchillian rhetoric about the president to be followed during an election year to fill a vacancy.”

“Here’s as best as I can tell, here’s the rule,” Kennedy continued. “When the Democrats are in charge of the process, they do what they think is right, consistent with the Constitution. When the Republicans are in charge of the process, they do what they think is right. And I think that’s what our founders intended. I think our founders intended elections to have consequences, and when they send people to Washington of a particular party, they expect them to represent their voters. And I think that’s been the tradition and the precedent.”

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