Brennan: Trump Is a ‘Deeply Disturbed Individual’ — He Pushes ‘Delusional’ Conspiracies

Former CIA Director John Brennan Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room” called President Donald Trump “a deeply disturbed individual.”

Blitzer said, “Really stunning earlier today when I saw a tweet the president now actually promoting a new conspiracy theory, incredible outrageous but retweeted a post suggesting that Osama bin Laden’s death was a hoax. You, of course, were there in the White House Situation Room as the operation unfolded. I’ll show a picture to our viewers as it was taken as you describe in your book ‘Undaunted’  what was going on. What goes through your mind when you see president of the United States sowing doubt about what you call the most well planned and successful operation you personally, a long time member of the U.S. intelligence community witnessed?”

Brennan said, “Well, unfortunately, Wolf, it just reinforced my view that Donald Trump is a deeply disturbed individual who, unfortunately, has a future of this country in his hands right now since he is occupying the Oval Office. It’s clear that he continues to push out these conspiracies, and it’s delusional. Unfortunately, I think we have to be used to this for until he is voted out of office, but I’m sure he is going to continue to do this once he leaves office.”

He added, “I just shake my head, and when I talk to my fellow citizens and also people around the world, they look at what is happening in Washington and with Donald Trump, and they are saying, ‘what is going on in America?’ And I tell them that Donald Trump is an aberration. We are going to get through this, but I think the damage has already been done in terms of how he has abused his authorities. I’m just hoping that we are able to recover quickly from the damage he has brought.”

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