Pelosi in Meltdown to CNN’s Blitzer on Coronavirus Relief Impasse: ‘We Represent Them’ — ‘Have You Fed Them? We Feed Them’

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” at the tail-end of a lengthy dispute with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer over House Democrats’ refusal to take a deal from the Trump White House for coronavirus relief, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted she and her caucus knew what was best for constituents and the country despite Blitzer’s pleading.

As the interview wound down, Pelosi proclaimed both represented and fed the people in need because of the pandemic.

Partial transcript as follows:

PELOSI: I wish you would respect the knowledge that goes into getting the — meeting the needs of the American people. But, again, you’ve been on a jag (ph) defending the administration all this time with no knowledge of the difference between our two bills. And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to say that to you in person, —

BLITZER: All right. Madam Speaker —

PELOSI: — virtually.

BLITZER: — these are incredibly difficult times right now and we’ll leave it on that note. Thank you so much for joining us.

PELOSI: Yes. No, we’ll leave it on the vote that you are not right on this, Wolf, and I hate to say that to you.

BLITZER: All right.

PELOSI: But I feel confident about it and I feel confident about my colleagues and I feel confident in my chairs.

BLITZER: It’s not about me, it’s about millions of Americans who can’t put food on the table, who can’t pay their rent, who were having trouble —

PELOSI: And represent them, and we represent them.

BLITZER: — who are trouble getting by —

PELOSI: And we represent them.

BLITZER: — these long food lines that we’re —

PELOSI: And we represent them.

BLITZER: I know you were —

PELOSI: We know them.

BLITZER: I’m just saying —

PELOSI: We represent them and we know them.

BLITZER: As we say —

PELOSI: We know them. We represent them. Yes.

BLITZER: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, as they say —

PELOSI: It is nowhere near perfect.

BLITZER: Madam Speaker —

PELOSI: Always the case, but we’re not even close to the good.

BLITZER: All right, let’s see what happens because every day is critically, critically important. Thanks so much for joining us.

PELOSI: Thank you for sensitivity to our constituents needs.

BLITZER: I am sensitive to them because I see them on the street begging for food, begging for money, Madam Speaker, thank you so much.

PELOSI: Have you fed them? We feed them, we feed them.

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