Miles Taylor: Trump Administration Has ‘Almost Nazi-Like Immigration Policies’

Former Department of Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who earlier revealed he is “Anonymous,” the author of a New York Times op-ed and a subsequent book critical of President Donald Trump, called the Trump administration immigration policies “almost Nazi-like” during a Wednesday appearance on CNN.

Anchor Chris Cuomo said, “What is your biggest fear about what happens if the president has a second term?

Taylor said, “I think the president will feel completely emboldened to pursue not just these almost Nazi-like immigration policies—I don’t say that lightly that is a pretty harsh term to levee against the president —but that’s really where they want to go is turn this country into fortress America rather than the shining city on a hill. But worse still for me as a lifelong national security professional is I believe the president is going to sell out our allies and befriend our enemies, and put this country in danger. He’s already shown a proclivity for friendships with depots and dictators around the world. He has kicked our best friends to the curb. That kind of thing will put this country in danger for the long run.”

He continued, “The president will pull out of NATO, pull our troops back from places where they’re fighting forward, so Americans don’t have to fight bad guys here at home on our city streets. That is what he is going to do. I think if the guard rails come off, which they have, the president will feel unimpeded. The damage he’s done to our democratic institutions, he will double down on that. Damaging the courts, damaging the oversight power of Congress, and expanding the power of the Executive so far that it’s unreasonable. This is not a conservative president because conservatives believe in small government. Donald Trump’s government is so big and expansive that it invades our lives and our minds every single day.”

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