Sen. Coons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Will Win ‘If Every Ballot Is Counted and Counted Fairly’

Tuesday on FNC’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) predicted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would emerge victorious if all the votes were “counted fairly.”

Coons said that it does not necessarily mean the outcome would be apparent today.

“I’ve been standing at the polls this morning here in Delaware where I’m on the ballot as well, and we’re seeing record turnout,” he said. “There are 100 million folks who have already voted absentee or by mail, and there’s a dozen states where the counting begins today. It doesn’t end to today.”

“Pennsylvania is likely to be one of those key swing states that may well decide this election, but like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, they begin counting ballots today,” Coons said. “So all those folks who are out there standing in line, those 100 million folks who’ve already voted, they deserve to have their ballots counted. States and counties decide our elections, not candidates, and I know, and Joe knows that if every ballot is counted and counted fairly, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win tonight.”

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