Sanders: Biden ‘Has a Very, Very Strong Mandate’

During an interview on CNN on Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden “has a very, very strong mandate,” after the 2020 election.

Sanders said, “I think he has a very, very strong mandate, Anderson. And I think if you look at the issues, one by one, do people think that health care is a human right? Are they happy with a dysfunctional healthcare system, which makes billions for the drug companies and the insurance companies, leaving 90 million uninsured or underinsured? They’re not. Are they happy that tens of millions make starvation wages, ten, twelve bucks an hour? No, they are not. Do they think we have to deal with systemic racism in this country, immigration reform? Most people do. Most people do. Are they sick and tired of the growing gap between the people on top, and the billionaire class is doing phenomenally right now while so many of our people are struggling? So, I think, if you look at this country, issue by issue, and what the American people want, you know what, they want an agenda that stands up for them, for working families, black and white and Latino.”

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