Scarborough on Operation Warp Speed: Trump’s Legacy on ‘Could Be Considered an Unqualified Success’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday praised President Donald Trump, who he has repeatedly criticized throughout the president’s time in office, for his Operation Warp Speed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Operation Warp Speed is a fast-tracked effort to find a vaccine for the virus in record time.

Scarborough noted Trump has had “repeated failures” throughout the pandemic but said if Operation Warp Speed plays out as the pharmaceutical companies believe it will, then the president’s legacy regarding the vaccine “will be a very positive one.”

“[N]ot only this news program, but just about every other has documented in great detail the repeated failures of Donald Trump on just about every aspect of this pandemic,” Scarborough said while addressing MSNBC medical correspondent Dr. Dave Campbell. “But the president – if these numbers end up playing out the way it’s looking if in fact there is a 90-to-95% effective rate, and we have millions of Americans by the end of this year being able to take a safe vaccine that makes them immune from the coronavirus — then that’s one legacy that Donald Trump will take with him out of the White House. And that is that Operation Warp Speed will be considered an unqualified success.”

“If — it’s the lawyer in me — if, in fact, this plays out the way the pharmaceutical companies are saying it’s going to play out, then I will say again, Mika, then Donald Trump’s legacy on Operation Warp Speed will be a very positive one,” he added.

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