Watch: Biden Jokes About Getting a Disease and Resigning

Joe Biden joked about developing “some disease and say I have to resign,” Thursday on CNN, discussing his upcoming working relationship with Kamala Harris.

Biden said, “The thing we are simpatico on is our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to approach these issues that we’re facing.”

He continued, “When we disagree, it will be just like — so far, it’s been just like Barack, and I did. It’s in private. She’ll say I think we should do A, B, C, or D, and I’ll say I like A, don’t like B or C. And like I told Barack, if I read something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

He added, “We discussed at length our views on foreign policy, on domestic policy, on intelligence. And the great thing is she has a background in the Senate, on intelligence, the Intelligence Committee. She has a background in the Senate on a whole range of things that are going to be pertinent to what we have to do.”

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