MSNBC’s Rick Tyler: ‘It Really Is Madness’ for GOP to Challenge Electoral College Vote

Wednesday, MSNBC contributor Rick Tyler agreed with Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) reported sentiment that it is “madness” for GOP leadership to protest and continue challenging the Electoral College vote over allegations of voter fraud swinging the vote in former Vice President Joe Biden’s favor.

Tyler questioned on “MSNBC Live” why President Donald Trump’s campaign has not brought any evidence of voter fraud to court.

“It really is madness,” Tyler stated. “Because what Senator Romney says is correct, that, if you think the election was unfair or there was corruption or fraud in the election, then you would bring that evidence to court. Now, Trump has asserted over and over again that there’s fraud, the fraud is obvious, everybody knows about the fraud, but they haven’t brought any of that evidence to court. And in fact, they filed in excess of 50 cases, and they lost every single one of those cases except for one, which was a minor case in Pennsylvania. And … Congressman Kelly’s case — which is absurd on its face — was rejected by Scalia and the Supreme Court in what effectively was a 9-0 decision. And the reason is because everybody knew what was going to happen, which was an election. Now, if they didn’t like the process of the election, they could have filed a case and maybe would have had standing and merit before the election happened. But what they did is after the election and their candidate Donald Trump didn’t win, they then decided to file. That’s an obvious political move. That isn’t representing the voters of Pennsylvania.”

“[N]ow, it’s up to Congress to recognize that Joe Biden won this election,” he added.

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