WaPo’s Robinson on Election Challenge: There’s a ‘Serial Killer’ Inside House, Senate

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network contributor and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson sounded off on the GOP’s Electoral College challenge.

Robinson suggested the 14 senators supporting the election challenge “should live in eternal shame” and “wear some sort of scarlet letter for the rest of their political careers.” He likened the lawmakers to serial killers being “inside the Senate and the House.”

“Hawley and Cruz and the rest of the dirty dozen — I guess there are 14 of them now, are — you know, should live in eternal shame for what they’re doing because, you know, they’re damaging not just Democrats, and they’re certainly I hope not improving their odds of ever becoming president,” Robinson stated. “I think they should wear some sort of scarlet letter for the rest of their political careers because they’re harming the country. They’re harming the country in a way that Vladimir Putin hasn’t been able to do, that Xi Jinping hasn’t been able to do, that the ayatollahs in Iran have not been able to do.”

“You know, the serial killer is … inside the Senate and the House of the United States and … it’s an appalling, appalling situation,” he continued. “And I have covered countries that have lost their democratic traditions and tried to get them back, and it’s hard. It doesn’t automatically happen. You don’t snap your fingers and it all goes back to the way it was before. So, you know, the damage that Trump is doing, and his aiders and abetters, will be lasting. I’m afraid it will be lasting.”

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