Ana Navarro: Trump ‘Turned America into Venezuela,’ Not Democrats

Political commentator Ana Navarro said Friday on ABC’s “The View” that President Donald Trump “turned America into Venezuela.”

When asked for her reaction to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Navarro said, “So many different emotions, shock, sadness. Listen, I’ve fled communism. I’ve seen this before. I never thought I would see it in the United States of America. I was so struck by the irony that pro-Trump Americans have spent months telling us that Democrats would turn America into Venezuela. Instead, it is Donald Trump that turned America into Venezuela, a place where dictators try to perpetuate themselves into power by using mobs to threaten and attack their opponents.”

“I am livid at all of those Republicans who have spent four years enabling, normalizing, legitimatizing, emboldening Donald Trump, and who all of a sudden have woken up for their four-year fever,” she continued. “They knew exactly who he was because they’ve told us. We’ve got the video. Lindsey Graham knew who we was, and Ted Cruz knew who we was, and Marco Rubio knew who he was. All of them, all of them looked the other way and played stupid and were accomplices because they liked his Cuba policy or because he moved the embassy in Israel or they liked his abortion policy and his judicial nominations. They were willing to look the other way and embrace and legitimatize a criminal, a person who is a deranged madman, who has threatened the national security and social fiber of America so that they could get the little bones that he threw at them and they wanted. They don’t get to rewrite history.”

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