MSNBC’s Ruhle: Trump’s ‘Ride-or-Die Base’ Is a ‘Bunch of People Wearing Nazi T-Shirts’

“MSNBC Live” anchor Stephanie Ruhle said Friday on her show that President Donald Trump’s “ride-or-die base” is “a bunch of people wearing Nazi T-shirts, homemade fur pelts and horns.”

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor said, “I was talking to a source yesterday who said the president has the voters even if the Republican leadership has the establishment. Of course, then you see the steady stream of people who work for President Trump or people who refuse to work for President Trump saying that he is no longer fit to be associated with the Republican Party. But there’s also, I think, already eyes rolling at people like Mick Mulvaney, the former White House chief of staff who said President Trump isn’t the same person he was eight months ago. We know President Trump is the same person.”

“He has the voters? We saw who the president’s ride-or-die base is, Peter,” Ruhle said. “It was a bunch of people wearing Nazi T-shirts, homemade fur pelts and horns. That is not the Republican Party. So as far as the president’s kingmaker status, have we just realized it was maybe all just a marketing scheme? Because think about it, on his watch, yes, he won in 2016, but his party lost the House, they lost the White House, they lost the Senate. And think about his big reveal on Wednesday. We saw who his ride-or-die base are.”

NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander agreed, saying, “Yes, Stephanie, you’re right.”

“And he was embarrassed by them,” Ruhle added.

Alexander continued, “It was only four years ago the president said we would get so tired of the winning. You just listed all the losing the president has presided over the course of these last several years and going out in the sort of ball of flames right now with the capitol literally being ransacked by his supporters.”

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