Apple CEO Cook: We Suspended Parler Because ‘Incitement to Violence’ Is Not Free Speech

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a preview clip from his upcoming interview on “Fox News Sunday” that Apple suspended the conservative social media platform Parler from the App Store last week because “free speech and incitement to violence” do not have “an intersection.”

Anchor Chris Wallace asked, “How did you decide to balance free speech with objectionable content?”

Cook said, “We looked at the incitement of violence that was on there. We don’t consider that free speech and incitement to violence has an intersection.”

Wallace asked, “What about the argument that by taking Parler off Apple in addition to what other companies are doing that you are just driving these people, these views further underground?”

Cook said, “We have only suspended them, Chris. So if they get their moderation together, they would be back on there.”

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