MSNBC’s Hayes: ‘Fundamentally Wicked’ Majority of GOP in Congress Voted to Overturn Biden’s Election

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said Friday on “All In” called Republicans that challenged the outcome of the 2020 presidential election on the basis of alleged inconsistencies “fundamentally wicked.”

On January 6, after the Capitol riots, seven Senate Republicans and 138 House Republicans objected to certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral results and six Senate Republicans and 121 in the House objected to certifying Arizona’s results.

Hayes said, “You know, Linda, there are two things here that I’d be curious to hear your perspective on. One of them is it really continues to bother and burn me that a majority of Republicans in Congress voted to overturn the election — a really like shocking abdication of basic just fundamental democratic values. Nothing to do with like policy, ideology. And there’s no accounting for that. No one seems to be apologizing for it. Like we are a month later, but no soul searching. No like accountability moments about this thing that was just fundamentally wicked.”

Former Reagan administration official and conservative commentator Linda Chavez said, “It was fundamentally wicked, Chris, and there is an accounting, people are leaving the Republican Party in droves, by the thousands, including myself.”

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