Bolton on Trump’s CPAC Straw Polling: ‘That Is a Pathetic Figure’

Sunday, former National Security Advisor John Bolton shared his reaction to the straw poll taken at CPAC over the weekend in which former President Donald Trump won 55 percent of the vote when included as a 2024 presidential candidate.

Bolton said Trump’s showing “is a pathetic figure,” adding he figured Trump would be in the 90 percent range. He said the low number shows “how far he has fallen already.”

“I have to say watching the speech at CPAC today, it was like watching an old movie or TV reruns — very stale,” Bolton said on “CNN Newsroom.” “And I think this is a mark of what happens inevitably when somebody leaves the presidency, especially under the cloud of dishonor that Trump did. He is fading. People may not appreciate it at the moment. but the real test here is not what they think in Orlando today, but what the public as a whole will think in six months.”

He later added, “But just to take CPAC — if this is the epitome of support for Trump, the straw poll that was taken this weekend and released just before Trump spoke, showed that of all the participants, 55 percent supported Trump being reelected as president. That is a pathetic figure. I would have expected 90 percent. So if 55 percent, one month after leaving office at CPAC, is the best he can do, that’s a mark of how far he has fallen already.”

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