Pam Bondi: Andrew Cuomo’s ‘Horrendous Behavior’ Was ‘Completely Inappropriate’

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) on Monday reacted to the sexual misconduct allegations made against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). Cuomo has downplayed his actions, saying his jokes were “misinterpreted.”

While speaking with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Bondi acknowledged Cuomo is “innocent until proven guilty,” but said “at best” his “horrendous behavior” was “completely inappropriate.”

“Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty. As a career prosecutor, we all believe that. He is innocent until proven guilty. However, what we know by his own statement … was that he knew one of these women was a sexual assault survivor. Yet, he admittedly teased her about her personal life? At best, to him, it’s horrendous behavior,” Bondi asserted. “He was almost 30 years older than one woman, almost 40 years older than the second woman, both who worked for him. He was in a position of authority over them, and he admitted he teased them about sexual inferences, flirted with them, which is completely inappropriate — at minimum.”

Bondi also said she has concerns about Cuomo tampering with witnesses “because he said he knew people were reaching out to one or both of these victims trying to get them not to cooperate.”

“[F]rom what the two victims are saying, people all in his circle who worked with them knew that this was going on,” she added. “In fact, one of the victims said he would even direct individuals on his security detail to invite her into his office when others weren’t around. So, again, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but someone will be charged with tampering with a witness, and they’re going to ask those witnesses was it done at the direction of Governor Cuomo.”

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