Hillary Clinton: Filibuster ‘Should Be Retired’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday on “Washington Post Live” that to forward President Joe Biden’s agenda, Democrats have to “do away with” the filibuster.

Reporter Jonathan Capehart said, “Your view on the filibuster. In terms of getting President Biden’s agenda through, there is a lot of increasing talk that the filibuster needs to be done away so it can get through on a simple majority vote. If you were still in the Senate, would you vote to do away with the filibuster?”

Clinton said, “I would, Johnathan. I would vote to do away with the filibuster. I think it has outlasted its usefulness. I think one of our problems right now is we have a minority that is becoming more and more extreme, that is basically holding the majority — not just of Congress but of the country — back. I think the filibuster, for whatever purpose it served in the past, should be retired. I’m encouraged there are conversations about whether, if it is not done away with completely, it can be modified.”

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