MSNBC’s Glaude: Republicans Want This Country to ‘Remain White in the Vein of Old Europe’

MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude said Wednesday on “Deadline” that Republicans believed the United States should “remain white in the vein of old Europe.”

On several state laws on voting currently being proposed, anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “There’s no fair read of those moves as other than voter suppressions of the voters that Republicans have given up on.”

Glaude said, “Absolutely. I think this is why Senator Warnock and others pairing H.R.1 with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Those two must be seen as one of the same or at least two pieces of the puzzle.”

He continued, “The Congress has to respond to the gutting of the Civil Rights Act, and we have to address the border concerns laid out in HR-1. But let’s be very clear. What we’re witnessing here is an extension of January 6th. January 6th was the spectacle, folks storming the Capitol, leaving feces, threatening the lives of folk in the name of what? The big lie, in the name of this idea that the election stolen. In the name that the election was stolen by those people who lived in Atlanta, who lived in Philadelphia, who lived in Milwaukee.”

He added, “We know exactly what they were doing. Right? We know what they were arguing for. That this country must be in some ways a country that must remain white in the vein of old Europe, and this is an extension of that. Right? We don’t have to sack the Capitol. We just have to simply pass laws to disenfranchise to suppress the vote of those folk who we think ought to just shut up and be grateful. We need to understand this for what it is. It’s an extension of the seditionist. It’s an extension of the insurrection. It is undemocratic at its core.”

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