Cruz: HR 1 the ‘Single Most Dangerous Bill Being Considered by Congress Right Now’

During a Thursday interview on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called H.R. 1, the so-called “For the People Act,” the “single most dangerous bill being considered by Congress right now.”

Cruz warned the law, which recently passed the House, entrenches “corrupt politicians in office” and opens up the door for fraud in future elections.

“I think this is the … single most dangerous bill being considered by Congress right now. It is the corrupt politicians’ act because it is designed to entrench corrupt politicians in office and to keep Democrats in power for 100 years,” Cruz outlined. “What does it do? It has the federal government take over all elections. It repeals virtually all of the common-sense state integrity laws for election integrity. So, for example, 29 states have voter I.D. laws, including my home state of Texas. The corrupt politicians’ act repeals every one of them, says it’s illegal to require identification to vote. The corrupt politician act also mandates universal mail-in voting everywhere for no reason whatsoever, and it mandates ballot harvesting, which 31 states have made illegal. That’s paid political operatives that say go to a nursing home, and they collect hundreds of ballots. And it is the single most likely circumstance for voter fraud because those paid operatives can go to vulnerable seniors in nursing homes who may not be in a condition to make choices. If the seniors vote in a way they don’t like, they can throw their ballot away. And the Democrats are trying to expand those opportunities for fraud.”

He continued, “And I’ll tell you even more fundamentally than that … what it does is it automatically registers anyone who interacts with the government — anyone who gets a welfare check, an unemployment check, anyone who gets a driver’s license, anyone who goes to a public university. The Democrats know that will result in millions of illegal immigrants being registered to vote, and that is their objective is to get millions of illegal immigrants to vote.”

Cruz added the law also opens up voting for criminals. He said Democrats think the illegal immigrants and felons voting will keep Democrats in power.

“This is a very, very dangerous piece of legislation,” he concluded.

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