Pompeo: ‘No Evidence’ Biden Admin ‘Prepared to Truly Confront China’

Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned “there’s no evidence” showing the Biden administration is “truly prepared to confront China.”

Pompeo hit President Joe Biden for recently referring to China as a “competitor,” given the Asian superpower’s declared “war on the American worker.” He emphasized the importance of using America’s “enormous” economic power to confront China.

“Based on what you’ve heard from President Biden, how weak are we in terms of facing the China threat?” host Dagen McDowell asked.

“Dagen, if you listen to his rhetoric, we would be fine, but you and I both know this is likely to be an empty promise. There’s no evidence in the record that this administration is prepared to truly confront China,” Pompeo asserted. “And when you hear … language like competitor — we compete with the United Kingdom, we compete with Belgium, we compete with our friends and allies around the world. The Chinese Communist Party has declared war on the American worker. They did this years ago. And President Trump was the first leader to take this on, and our administration went full throttle to push back against this adversary. They want to steal your our jobs. They’ve stolen intellectual property. They’re inside the gates conducting espionage here in the United States, even in the senior-most elements of our research institutes. This is a conflict that the Chinese Communist Party brought on us. And we need to use the enormous American economic power to confront it on every front.”

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