Samantha Bee to Republicans: Stop ‘Transphobic’ Bills, Mind Your Own ‘F*cking Business’

Host Samantha Bee on Wednesday’s broadcast of  TBS’s “Full Frontal” called on Republican legislators to stop pushing “transphobic” sports bills and to “mind their own f-cking business.”

Bee said, “This year, we’re seeing a tidal wave of transphobic legislation targeting kids. Largely in retaliation for President Biden’s executive order to protect trans-rights.”

She continued, “The argument that lawmakers are bringing to this is transgender inclusion in sports would harm women’s equality.”

Bee added, “Conservatives are staging a coordinated attack on trans kids by making up a problem that absolutely doesn’t exist…Most of those who sponsored anti-trans bill this is year can’t cite a single instance where trans girls competing has caused problems.”

She continued, “They falsely claim trans women automatically have more testosterone and therefore more muscle mass than cis women. But studies don’t show a consistent relationship between testosterone and athletic performance.”

She asked, “So why are conservatives actually targeting trans athletes? Fear-mongering baby. Just like with the bathroom bills, Republicans are trying to scare their base into voting.”

Bee concluded, “Let’s be real. Conservatives don’t actually care about this. They just want to politically profit from excluding transpeople from yet another public space. At the end of the day, Republicans need to stop policing other people’s bodies, mind their own f-cking business and let trans people live their lives.”

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