Vaccinated ‘Morning Joe’ Says They Will Still Wear Masks on Planes — ‘Makes Good, Common Sense’

Friday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” reacted to updated COVID-19 CDC guidance for individuals who have been fully vaccinated. The CDC is no longer advising fully vaccinated people to wear masks “in any setting” except where otherwise required.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said they believe there is still “value” in wearing masks, so they will continue wearing them on planes and other forms of public transportation. The “Morning Joe” hosts agreed it “makes good, common sense” to keep the masks on.

“I’m going to still wear [masks] on planes. I am,” Brzezinski declared. “I think there’s still value with them. … There’s still some problems with some people getting coronavirus.”

Scarborough later stated, “I’m so glad, Mika, that you talked about planes because, you know, I’ve got a master’s in broad generalities, but let’s be specific about this. If you’re on airplanes, buses, on public transportation, wear the mask. You’re still expected to wear the mask. And actually, for your own health, you should still wear the mask.”

“I’ve got to say, in the future — I mean, I haven’t gotten the flu in a year,” the “Morning Joe” co-host added. “Why am I going to … stop wearing a mask on planes? That just makes good, common sense.”

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