Cotton: Biden ‘Has Been Pathetically Weak’ on Russia

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Tuesday shared his concern with President Joe Biden’s behavior toward Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Cotton told Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that Biden “has been pathetically weak” when it comes to Russia. He warned until Biden toughens up with Russia, then Putin “is going to know he still has the upper hand.”

“I’m less concerned how Joe Biden stumbles and bumbles his way through describing Vladimir Putin than I am concerned about how Joe Biden behaves towards Vladimir Putin,” Cotton stated. “And for the last four months, he has been pathetically weak. In the earliest days of his administration, President Biden extended the one arms control treaty we have left with Russia — a treaty that is badly one-sided in Russia’s favor. He also is allowing Germany to finish the pipeline that’s going to bring Russian gas into Germany, hooking western Europe ever more deeply on Russian gas while harming our allies in central and eastern Europe. And, as the report said, we have had numerous attacks, whether it’s on the Colonial Pipeline or JBS USA and their meat production plants, and right now, Joe Biden has even said that he is not imposing all the sanctions he could. He’s certainly not taking the aggressive offensive actions we could to impose a cost on Vladimir Putin for these actions.”

“Joe Biden can say whatever he wants at this summit tomorrow, but until he acts with strengths and with vigor, then Vladimir Putin is going to know he still has the upper hand,” he concluded.

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