ABC’s Hostin on Biden Snapping at CNN’s Collins: ‘That’s Conduct Unbecoming of the Office’

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin told her co-hosts Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that President Joe Biden snapping at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins during a press conference in Geneva was “conduct unbecoming of the office.”

Hostin said, “In terms of Kaitlan Collins, she is I think 29, one of the youngest White House correspondents, chief White House correspondents in media history. I think that’s an important role. She’s broken some ceilings. She came from the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s online website. That’s where she got her training as a White House correspondent and joined CNN from there. She’s had quite an ascent in terms of being a White House correspondent. Her question mischaracterized Joe Biden’s comments. She asked him a question about whether or not he was confident, ‘Why are you so confident Putin will change his behavior, Mr. President?’ Joe Biden never said that. So that sort of is Journalism 101. You can’t mischaracterize someone’s words, especially not the president.”

She continued, “Joe Biden overreacted. He shouldn’t have reacted that way. I think he cussed as well in response. That’s conduct unbecoming of the office. I know people want to say this is like Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe is now the president of the United States.”

Hostin added, “That was a really long trip, eight-day trip on foreign soil. He’s older. I’m sure he was exhausted. He has to maintain the temperament of the president of the United States. I was disappointed that he reacted that way. I’m pleased he apologized. Something you haven’t seen in the last four years.”

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