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Joy Behar: Trump Is ‘One Cheeseburger Away from Keeling Over’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel discussed rumors about 2020 presidential hopeful, former Vice President Joe Biden’s health. Co-host Meghan McCain said, “There’s a lot of things I really hate about primary politics, but one of them is health

Joy Behar

Ana Navarro Apologizes to the U.K. for President Trump’s Visit

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” CNN contributor and guest co-host Ana Navarro apologized to the United Kingdom for President Donald Trump’s visit. Guest co-host Tara Setmayer said, “The purpose of the visit is it’s a state visit. This is something

Ana Navarro

ABC’s Hostin: Trump Is a ‘Fraud and a Loser’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel discussed The New York Times’ report about President Donald Trump’s taxes and business. Joy Behar said, “I can’t decide if he’s a fraud or a loser, either one of those two things.” Whoopi Goldberg said,

Sunny Hostin

‘The View’ on Facebook Bans: ‘Slippery Slope,’ Is Ilhan Omar Next?

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel debated Facebook’s ban on political figures they classified as “dangerous.” Co-host Joy Behar said, “So Facebook is making good on their promise to combat hate speech. they’ve banned controversial figures like Alex jones,

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Whoopi Goldberg: AG Barr Is Lying for Trump— ‘There’s a Coup Happening’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said Attorney General William Barr was lying for President Donald Trump, which makes her feel like “there’s a coup happening.” Discussing special counsel Robert Mueller’s letter to Barr expressing his displeasure with Barr’s summery,

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07: Whoopi Goldberg attends the Victor Glemaud presentation during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Sunken Living Room at Spring Studios on September 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

Joy Behar: America Was the Good Guys — ‘Now We’re Not’ Under Trump

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar reacted to former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign video that warned about the rise of white nationalism under President Donald Trump. Behar said, “I’m so touched. I’m moved by that video

Joy Behar

Meghan McCain: My Father Is ‘Pathetic’ Trump’s ‘Kryptonite’

Monday on ABC’s The View,” co-host Meghan McCain responded to President Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on her father, the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Co-host Joy Behar said, “He did tweet against John McCain who passed away unfortunately not that long

Meghan McCain

Joy Behar: In the Age of Trump ‘Marijuana Should Be Mandatory’

Tuesday on ABC’s “TheView,” co-host Joy Behar joked that during the Donald Trump presidency, “marijuana should be mandatory.” During a discussion on Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) saying she smoked marijuana in college, co-host Sunny Hostin said, “I will say that Trump

Joy Behar

Joy Behar: Lara Trump Is Marie Antoinette

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar compared Lara Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump’s son Eric, to French Queen Marie Antoinette who when told her subjects had no bread, she allegedly replied, “Let them eat cake.” When asked about the

Joy Behar

ABC’s Hostin: Giuliani ‘Getting Tripped up with All the Lies’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel discussed President Donald Trump’s lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s CNN interview Wednesday night. Co-host Abby Huntsman said, “I think Cuomo speaks for the table here, his eyes basically said

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