Clarence Page: ‘Internal’ Problems to Blame for Chicago Crime Surge

On Monday, liberal-leaning Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page discussed the crime surge in the city on the heels of 49 people being shot over Father’s Day weekend.

Page told Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” it is a fact that “crime is not new to Chicago.” He advised that the city is suffering from “internal” problems within Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) office, the police department and police union, all of which he said are to blame for the recent surge.

“We have a number of problems on different fronts,” Page stated.

“We can always use federal help, sure,” he said when asked if Chicago could use federal assistance. “I mean, President Trump wanted to send in the feds, as he put it. But it was a rather directionless instruction. Federal help doesn’t necessarily mean you bring in the National Guard in and create a problem that’s worse than the initial problem. The fact is that a lot of the problems are internal — the mayor’s office, police department, police union getting along with each other. Community support. Some communities support the police better than other ones do. We have a good community policing program that could be a heck of a lot better insofar as developing better relations out in the neighborhoods. So, there’s a lot of different ways to approach this.”

Page went on to say the violent crime in Chicago can be solved but stressed the importance of putting more resources in the problem areas.

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