Donny Deutsch to Vaccine Skeptics: ‘You’re Killing Yourself, You’re Killing Other People’

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch on Friday shamed people who are hesitant to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

After “Morning Joe” aired a clip of Alabama Gov Kay Ivey (R) pleading with people to get vaccinated, Deutsch asked vaccine skeptics “what the freak” they are doing. He then answered his own question by saying they are killing themselves and “other people.”

“You know, we’ve talked so many times on this show about what can we say and how do we say it. We just have to say, what the freak are you people doing? You’re killing yourself. You’re killing other people — that’s it. There’s no gray here. There’s no two sides to this argument. And, you know, you talked about a story earlier, about that camp in New York. I have friends whose kids are in those camps. And you know, I think the only thing left to kind of — well, a talking point beyond just kind of that emotional plea of the governor is like, ‘Kids? How about for the kids?'”

He continued, “I think that’s a poster spokesperson, a poster tone for how this country needs to be spoken to. There’s no messing around. There’s no tippy-toeing. There’s no, ‘Oh, your philosophy is this, my philosophy is this.’ No, you’re killing people. That’s it.”

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