Kennedy on Defunding the Police: Some People ‘Just Aren’t Fit to Be Part of Our Society’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) sounded off on the recent defund police push by Democrats, who Kennedy noted are now doing an “about-face” on that movement.

Kennedy emphasized the importance of law enforcement because some people “just aren’t fit to be part of our society.” He called on President Joe Biden to denounce the idea of defunding police amid a recent rise in crime.

“[T]here are some people in this world that just aren’t fit to be part of our society. They’re not sick. They’re not mixed up. They’re not confused. It’s not a question of whether their momma or daddy loved them enough. They’re just anti-social. In terms of public safety, they’re just bad,” Kennedy explained. “And we — I thought as a society — had agreed that that’s why we need law enforcement is to get them off the streets and to protect the law-abiding citizens from them. That was a universal truth. Apparently, no longer, not all, but many of my Democratic colleagues have done an about-face.”

He continued, “Now, the bad guys are the cops. I hear it every day. The cops are guilty until proven innocent, and they’re all a bunch of racists — apparently even the African-American police officers. I just don’t get it. And President Biden, bless his heart, he can run around like a fox on fire and say, not me, I never said that, I’m not a part of it. Wrong, he was. He has said it. Look at the Democratic platform, the written Democratic platform on which he ran. He wrote it. They talk about reimagining the police. And the president has supported every single one of our major Democratic mayors in every major Democratic city. They not only talked about defunding the police, they did it. And what was the result? It was very predictable. Crime has gone through the roof, and it can be reversed, but if the president asked me my opinion – – he hasn’t — but if he did, I would say, Mr. President, you need to stand up in front of God and country and say, all this defund the police stuff has got to stop and tell your supporters, these Democratic mayors, to lift the police up. Don’t put them down.”

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