Cotton: Biden Afghanistan Withdrawal ‘Recklessly Negligent,’ ‘Catastrophic for America’

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Monday ripped President Joe Biden for his execution of the decision months ago to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, a move that has since led to the Taliban taking control of the Afghanistan capital.

Cotton told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that regardless of one’s position on the decision itself to withdraw, the execution of Biden’s withdrawal has been “recklessly negligent.”

“The scenes from Kabul and Afghanistan more broadly are tragic and catastrophic for America,” Cotton outlined. “Joe Biden announced about four months ago that we would withdraw from Afghanistan. There is a difference between the decision to withdraw and how the decision was executed. Whatever you think of the first decision, the execution of Joe Biden has been recklessly negligent.”

“In the last 12 to 18 hours, we have had 400 to 500 people contacting us pleading for assistance for how to get to the airport and get out of Afghanistan,” he added. “And remember, these are not just Afghan civilians who helped us. These are American citizens holding American passports who for four months did not receive guidance about what to do, and now the country is overtaken by [an] outlaw criminal gang like the Taliban threatening the least of hundreds, if not thousands of Americans to say nothing of the strategic consequences of this debacle for the years to come for America and the world.”

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