Moulton: Biden Saying Every Resource Being Used in Afghanistan Is ‘Not True’ – ‘People Are Going to Die’ Without More Troops in Kabul

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) said that President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin aren’t telling the truth when they say every resource is being utilized for the evacuation of Afghanistan and that failing to surge additional troops to Kabul “means people are going to die.”

Moulton said, “We simply can’t get people through the gate quickly enough. We don’t have enough State Department employees on the ground. The State Department announced that they have 20 consular offices — officers in Kabul and they’re surging to — wait for it — 40 people to handle tens of thousands of evacuees. It’s completely unacceptable. All the Marines I’ve talked to on the ground say that they need more troops. So, when the president and the secretary of defense claim that they are giving every resource necessary and available to this effort, that’s just not true.”

He added that “while we don’t surge more troops into Kabul to make sure we can get more people out, that means people are going to die.”

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