GOP Rep. Palmer: $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill Drops Military Funding to Lowest Level as a Percentage of the Economy in over 80 Years

Given the turmoil related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the spike in COVID-19, the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package has been given very little notice in the media as of late.

However, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), the House Republican Policy Committee chairman, warns the budget could have repercussions for U.S. military funding.

Friday, during an appearance on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Palmer explained the budget would drop military funding as a percentage of the economy to its lowest levels since the middle of the previous century.

“[G]oing back to the $3.5 trillion — it drops military funding to the lowest levels as a percentage of the economy in over 80 years,” he said. “I repeat: in over 80 years. And there’s a zero percent increase for Homeland Security. And again, I think more and more Americans are starting to realize that not only is Afghanistan a disaster, but there’s a disaster at the southern border. And, people have got to wake up, Jeff, and they’ve got to push back. And I think they are. I think people are starting to realize that the Biden administration is a disaster.”

“In regard to Afghanistan, the message I’ve been trying to get out to our allies, who are being undermined every minute by China, is that don’t be misled on who you can trust,” Palmer continued. “You can still trust America. You just cannot trust the Biden administration, and this administration is going to come to an end. ”

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