GOP Rep. Nehls: We Shouldn’t Fund Electric Charging Stations in $1.2 Trillion Bill, GM and Tesla Should Pay for Them

On Saturday’s “Fox News Live,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) argued against funding for electric vehicle charging stations in the $1.2 trillion spending bill by saying that the government doesn’t build gas stations and “General Motors and Tesla should be paying for these.”

Nehls said that while he does support spending on roads and bridges, he objects to spending on charging stations for electric vehicles, and “We shouldn’t be using taxpayer dollars to fund that. When’s the American — when has government ever built a gas station? So, why are we spending billions of dollars on putting these electrical vehicle stations around the country when only 2% of our vehicles today are electric?”

He added, “The idea that the taxpayer is going to be building and paying for these electric charging stations around the country, when only 2% of the vehicles on the road today are electric. Maybe, you know, government motors — General Motors and Tesla should be paying for these.”

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