Youngkin: ‘We’re Not Going to Allow Critical Race Theory in Our Schools and We’re Going to Teach All History’

During a Wednesday appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin discussed how he would handle education, especially the hot-button issue of Critical Race Theory, if he were elected over former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin said he would not allow Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools, adding teachers in his state would “teach all history.”

“We’re going to announce a new secretary of education and a new superintendent, state superintendent of the schools by December 1,” Youngkin outlined. “We’re actually going to call for a task force of school leaders – teachers, students, parents, law enforcement, to be convened and meet during December and January and add to our day one plan. But our day one plan’s really clear: On day one, we’re going to raise expectations. We’re going to make sure that schools are well-funded. We’re going to raise teacher pay. We’re going to fund into crumbling buildings. We’re going to fund into special education. We’re going to press forward and launch our charter school initiative, which is for 20 new innovation charter schools on day one, and we’re going to work on curriculum on day one. And we are, in fact, going to change curriculums. We’re not going to allow Critical Race Theory in our schools, and we’re going to teach all history, all history, going forward.”

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