Meadows: January 6 Committee a Distraction from Three ‘I’s’ — Inflation, Invasion and Incompetence

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows acknowledged he was “between a rock and a hard space” regarding his decision on compliance with the January 6 House Select Committee’s subpoena.

However, he insisted the work of the committee was a distraction from the shortcomings of the Biden administration and congressional Democrats during an appearance on FBN’s “Kudlow” on Monday. He specifically referred to inflation, the invasion at the southern border, and the incompetence of the Biden administration, all of which he deemed to be the three “i’s.”

“Well, listen, Larry, when you look at January 6, and whether it is January 6 or any other day, executive privilege, and the president deserves to be able to have those confidential counselors, the chief of staff being principal among those,” Meadows said. “He’s exerted, and rightfully so, his executive privilege. And it’s not up to me to waive it. And so it’s got me between a rock and a hard space. I think everybody can agree that a breach of the Capitol security on January 6 is not something that we should have done and, candidly, is not anything that we should applaud. And, more importantly, it’s everything that we should condemn.”
“That being said, when you start to look at this particular issue, it appears that a lot of Democrats on Capitol Hill are wanting to take the focus off of what I call the triple I’s, the inflation, the invasion, and the incompetence of the Biden administration,” he added.

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