Hawley: Advocates of Critical Race Theory Live in an Alternate Universe, Alternate America

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) touted his legislation that would protect parental rights and parents’ abilities to attend school board meetings as radical subjects like Critical Race Theory are being introduced into the curriculum.

Hawley told host Jesse Watters that parental involvement was essential as some educators were introducing radical concepts to school children.

“Well, my reaction is the folks who are the advocates of CRT live in an alternative universe, and they live in an alternative America,” he said. “They want to teach our kids, and they’re trying to do it that America is systemically evil, systemically racist and oppressive. And the worst part of it is, they say that if you as a parent, and I’m a parent of three kids if you as a parent objected that you’re a racist, you’re a bigot. You’re a domestic terrorist like we’ve just seen. It’s crazy.”

“And that’s why I’ve introduced legislation to protect parents’ rights to make sure that parents have the right to go to school board meetings have the right to know what their kids are being taught, have the right to control their children’s education, because yeah, parents are the most important part of a kid’s education,” Hawley continued. “We should protect that.”

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