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Wikipedia Article About Nazi ‘Big Lie’ Concept Now Includes Trump Election Fraud Claims

Wikipedia’s page on the term “big lie” has been expanded with mention of Donald Trump’s claims of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Previously, the page focused on the Nazi Party using the term to describe what they claimed were false allegations Jews spread to vilify Germany following World War I, which helped fuel antisemitic sentiment in Germany and led to the mass slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust. Attempts at removing mention of Trump’s claims in the Wikipedia article have been repeatedly undone.

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Josh Hawley: ‘Total Lie’ That I Sought to Overturn Presidential Election

Appearing this Saturday on TBN’s Huckabee, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said he objected to the Electoral College certification of the 2020 presidential election because he wanted Congress to investigate allegations of voter fraud, adding that it’s a “total lie” to accuse him of attempting to overturn the contest for the White House.