Maxine Waters: GOP Voting Legislation About ‘Racism’

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC “The Sunday Show” that Republicans voting legislation in several states was motivated by racism.

When asked about voting legislation, Waters said, “Well, you know, I think that the Republicans are certainly led by people who do not want us to participate in this democracy. They do not want us to have voting rights because it gives us influence. It gives us power. It puts us at the table. So that we can be advocates for the least of these, this is not something that they have any real issues about relative to how the system is working, whether it’s this, that, or the other. this is about racism. This is about exclusion. This is about not wanting us to be able to participate in the policies that govern this country.”

She added, “Many people don’t know what we’re talking about when we keep saying the democracy is at stake. If we’re not at the table, if we’re not able to vote, if we can’t get elected to office, everything is at stake that we have fought for. Whether it is, you know, public accommodations, whether it is proper supported education, whether it’s health care, all of these things are at stake because it is the fight we have had in order to open up and to get rid of racism and exclusion and to have voting rights that have brought us this far. ”

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