Mo Brooks: U.S. Should Grant Canadian Truckers Political Asylum

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) suggests an outside-the-box approach to taking on any truck driver shortages the United States faces.

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Brooks, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, proposed granting Canadian truckers protesting the Trudeau government political asylum in the United States.

Brooks applauded the efforts of the so-called Freedom Convoy truckers before making his pitch.

“Well, I am proud of the Canadian truckers and how they are attempting to assert their right to liberty and freedom,” he said. “I believe that you need to push back against government dictatorial efforts as much as possible, and certainly, that is what they are trying to do in Canada. And the science, quite frankly, has proven the Canadian truckers to be right. That’s what’s so baffling — you’ve got these people who made bad decisions, they’re in elected office, both the United States and [Canada]. They made these bad decisions based on incomplete information way back in the spring or late winter of 2020. And for political reasons, they’ve stuck to those positions when the science has refuted the premises for a bunch of the positions that were taken.”

“I would say to the Canadian truckers — we’ve got our supply chain issues here in the United States of America,” Brooks continued. “We could use some more truckers in the United States of America. And I suggest we give or offer them all political asylum. I think that’d be great if they were to leave Canada, come to the United States of America, move our goods from the East Coast to the West Coast and every point in between, and see what Canada then does — as they have, in effect, expelled these truckers by denying them their liberty and freedom.”

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