Mark Cuban on Not Running for Office: ‘I Can Have Far Greater Impact’ Without Being Politician

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Monday addressed recent remarks he made in which he threw water on a possible presidential bid, something he had weighed over the recent years.

Cuban said on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” that while leading Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs, he has learned he “can have far greater impact than” playing party politics and pretending he’s one side or the other.

“[W]hat I’m finding out, particularly with, I can have a far greater impact than trying to pretend whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat and playing party politics and primaries and fund-raising and all that,” Cuban explained.

“At this point, you know, what we’re doing with the drug manufacturing, I think, we can extend that into so many different areas,” he continued. “As an entrepreneur, and finally getting to the point where I have a greater understanding of health care, in particular, I think there is a lot of opportunities for disruption starting with the drug pricing that we can do at our company that will change the game and have far greater impact than anything I could do as a politician — even as president.”

Cuban advised that his “greater goal” running for office “would be to get people to disaffiliate with any party.”

“That said, my greater goal than running for office when it comes to politics would be to get people to disaffiliate with any party,” the “Shark Tank” star outlined. “In my opinion, it’s not the voters for Donald Trump or the voters for Joe Biden that are the issue. It’s just the structure — the fact that we have two parties and everybody bandwagons to their team. That’s very disruptive, and so you know, to be the best thing we can do is disaffiliate. Don’t be one side or the other. Look at individual issues and try to have an impact.”

“I think that is where my focus is going to be going forward — just trying to change the game and help as many people as I can,” Cuban added. “And I think as an entrepreneur I can do that, and, you know, not to keep on going back to CostPlusDrugs, but just the response that we’ve gotten. So many people have to ration their medications or make a choice between rent or food or medicine, and we’re already changing the lives of tens of thousands of people who had to make that choice. And I think that is a greater impact than I could ever have as president.”

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