Manchin: We Need to Lead by Banning All Imports from Russia, We Need to Produce Energy ‘More Now Than Ever’

On West Virginia MetroNews’ “Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval” on Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) called for a ban on all products from Russia, including petroleum products, in order for the U.S. to lead by example in pressuring Russia, argued that this can be done without increasing gas prices if we boost domestic production, and stated, “Let’s get back to a productive energy environment, and we need it more now than ever.”

Manchin said, [relevant remarks begin around 1:07:40] “I’m asking the president to invoke a ban on purchasing any products, petroleum products, any products from Russia. Petroleum products, we’ve been purchasing about 500,000 — and last year, I think it was about 670,000 barrels a day. And that’s just entirely unacceptable. Now when we’re asking the whole world to unite around and help Ukraine every way possible and put as much pressure as we can on Russia, it only makes sense that we lead by an example of showing that we’re shutting down all Russian products coming into the United States.”

He added that the ban “should not” have an impact on gas prices “Because we have the ability — that’s very easy for us to pick up in production. We have proven we can well overproduce what Russia has been sending in, and we can do that. The United States has to make sure that its [policy] is developing all the strategic reserves that we have and basically stop the — which I totally disagree — them stopping — the ban of leasing out in the Gulf and stopping — the ban of leasing on BLM lands, which we have control of. Let’s get back to a productive energy environment, and we need it more now than ever.”

(h/t CNN)

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