BLM’s Newsome: NYC Mayor Eric Adams a ‘Coon’ — ‘He’s a White Man in Blackface’

Black Lives Matter Greater New York co-founder Hawk Newsome said Thursday on FNC’s “American Newsroom” that New York City Eric Adams was a “coon.”

In a clip from Spectrum News NY1, Adams said, “Where are all those who stated Black Lives Matter? If Black lives matters, then the thousands of people I saw on the street when Floyd was murdered should be on the street right now stating that the lives of these Black children that are dying every night matters.”

Co-host Bill Hemmer said, “The subject is African-Americans. I would also argue White lives matter, too. Everybody’s life matters here. What the mayor contends, though, is that the same reaction is not given. What would you say to him?”

Newsome said, “It was smooth the way you threw White lives matters in there. Our problem is when black lives are oppressed and don’t receive justice. Nobody cares. Nothing happens. Something happens to a white person. The world moves, right? So, let’s get back to Eric Adams. This mayor who’s a Democrat, but he spews conservative and Republican talking points. At the end of the day, we have a name for someone like this. And this is someone we’d call a coon, right?”

Hemmer said, “Whoa!”

Newsome continued, “He is a black man – he’s a white man in blackface, and a very conservative-minded white man, at that. So what we have is a man with hundreds of people on the city’s payroll, billions of dollars in budget, and 40,000 police officers. He has 10 victims in one night. The night before, he had 16 shooting victims on the train, and they say what are you going to do about policing, and he says what about BLM? Is America not smart enough to see him deflecting?”

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