Dem Rep. Gallego: ‘Treacherous’ Mark Meadows Should Be in Jail For a ‘Long’ Time

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) said Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” given a report on leaked text messages about former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows’s actions during the final days of Trump’s presidency, Meadows belonged in jail.

Guest anchor Ayman Mohyeldin  asked, “What is your reaction, as you learn about high-level Republicans, as we just heard there, somebody like Mark Meadows, attempting to keep Donald Trump in power, despite the fact that it became overwhelmingly clear there was no fraud, and that the president has lost the election?”

Gallego said, “Number one, I mean, it tells you what kind of little man that Mark Meadows is, that he’s willing to destroy this democracy for such an amoral person as Donald Trump and his followers. The fact that you’re going to throw away this, you know, great culture that we have, this democracy for someone like Donald Trump, shows you what a low human being you are. Really, Mark Meadows has always been a problem. He’s one of the original birthers. He was accusing Barack Obama as not being born in the United States.”

He continued, “What Mark Meadows did was wrong. It was treacherous. It was a betrayal to this country. Literally, I do believe he should be in jail right now. He should be in jail for a long last time.”

Gallego added, “Mark Meadows is a horrible human being. He has been a horrible human being since he was in Congress. and he continues to be a horrible human being, and a horrible, you know, American, when he was chief of staff to the president.”

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