Jayapal: ‘Disgusting’ FNC Using Baby Formula Crisis to ‘Demonize Immigrants’

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said Friday on CNN’s “The Lead” that she believed Fox News was “disgusting” for calling babies “illegal” while pointing to immigrants getting formula stockpiles from the government amid nationwide baby formula shortage.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “I want to give you an opportunity to respond to one of the criticisms we’re seeing on the right in conservative media and Republican politicians focusing on images from the border that show there is formula available to processing centers for undocumented immigrants. Here’s Fox this morning.”

FNC host Ainsley Earhardt said, “She is saying that they are giving the formula, all of these palettes of formula, to the illegal babies on the border. Meanwhile, so many American families can’t find this formula on the shelves in their stores.”

Jayapal said, “I found it disgusting. I would never call a baby illegal, and this apparently comes from the party that says they’re pro-life, pro-family. Didn’t want to fund the child tax credit so millions of kids could come out of poverty. Don’t want to provide child care, don’t want to provide paid leave, family leave.”

She added, “I don’t need to be lectured by people who won’t even stand up for the children that are right here and then use a crisis like this to again do what they have always done, demonize immigrants. It’s just ridiculous.”

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