MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Tamer Version of White Nationalism Is ‘Pretty Mainstream’ in GOP

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur said Tuesday on her show “Katy Tur Reports” that the “mainstream in the Republican Party” is a “tamer version” of white nationalism.

Tur said, “I wonder what you thought of President Biden today, knowing that in some respects his hands are tied on the issue, at least of guns. There’s not enough support in Congress for gun legislation. Republicans are not widely in favor of it, so it can’t pass. And then on the issue of extremism and white nationalism, which is not only on the rise in the far dark corners on the internet but the rhetoric in a tamer version, attenuated version, I say, is now pretty mainstream in the Republican Party.”

University of Buffalo official Henry Lewis Taylor Jr. said, “I support the comments that were made by the president today, and I think they reinforce some of the things that we believe. However, it’s important that we tie these things, connect these dots. There is a relationship between the shooting that took place in Buffalo and the anti-race critical race theory and the efforts of voter suppression and the rhetoric we hear from the Republican Party and Fox News. All of these things are tied and linked together. Critical Race Theory is extremely important because when you suppress that, you’re suppressing the history of the African-American people in this country, and you’re creating the opportunity to whitewash that history, tone it down, make it something more palatable to people.”

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