Kennedy: ‘Inflation Is Hitting My People So Hard, They’re Coughing up Bones’

Wednesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “The Story,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) argued the best antidote for inflation, including high energy prices, was to “flood” the country with oil.

However, that policy was rejected by the Biden administration, according to Kennedy.

The Louisiana Republican lawmaker slammed the Biden White House for handling the nation’s woes, especially gas prices.

“[P]resident Biden’s energy policy is wind, solar, and wishful thinking, and that’s not going to power the most powerful economy in all of human history,” he said. “Look, Martha, I’m disappointed in Mr. Sperling. It’s time for the games to end. We’re in a hell of a mess here. Inflation is hitting my people so hard, they’re coughing up bones. Our national debt is greater than our national output. Crime is way up, the borders wide open, respect for our institutions is way down. Seventy percent of the people think this country is headed in the wrong direction. And the economists who worked for President Biden know this.”

“The only way to get the price of gasoline down is to increase the supply,” Kennedy continued. “The only way to increase the supply of gasoline is to increase the supply of oil. The only way to increase the supply of oil is for the Biden administration to get its boot off the neck of the oil and gas industry. He hates them. I mean, he — you know, he mocked them — he, the president mocked him yesterday, and they’re coming to the White House, and he won’t even deign to meet with them. I mean, when somebody acts like they don’t care, sometimes it’s not a lack.”

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