Dem Rep. Lofgren: Pat Cipollone ‘Did Not Contradict the Testimony of Other Witnesses’

Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said Friday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that former Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone did not contradict the testimony of other witnesses during his deposition before the House January 6 committee.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “I know there’s restrictions on what you can and cannot say based on what you heard, but what did the committee learn from Cipollone’s testimony today. Can you share in general terms what you learned?”

Lofgren said, “Well, the committee rules don’t allow us to disclose testimony without a vote of the committee. We have not had that vote. I will say Mr. Cipollone did appear voluntarily and answer a whole variety of questions. He did not contradict the testimony of other witnesses. I think we did learn a few things, which we will be rolling out in the hearings to come. So I think it was, as you know, a grueling day for all involved. Mr. Cipollone and the staff and the members, but it was well worth it.”

Blitzer said, “So, can we assume that he confirmed what we heard in the really powerful, explosive testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson?

Lofgren said, “Not contradicting is not the same as confirming.”

Blitzer said, “Explain the difference.”

Lofgren said, “Well, he could say so-and-so was wrong, which he did not say there were things he might not be present for, or in some cases could be recalled with precision. My sense was that he, as I say, he does appear voluntarily. I think he was candid with the committee. He was careful in his answers, and I believe that he was honest in his answers.”

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